How to buy $ATHENAS token?

4 min readMay 21, 2021


4 Simple steps to get Athena’s token:

  1. Install Metamask
  2. Sign up Binance (Skip this step if you already have Verify Binance Account)
  3. Convert from fiat currency (USD,CNY,JPY,THB) to Crypto (BNB, USDT)
  4. Swap $ATHENAS Token on PancakeSwap

1. Install Metamask

To enter the DEFI world, you need to have your own wallet. One of the popular and reliable wallet is METAMASK. Please find a link to download below (iOS, Android) : Metamask website


We highly recommend you to write down 12 words to Paper. This 12 words can be used to access all of your cryptocurrencies in your wallet. SO KEEP IT SAFE!

Once finish creating an account, navigate to menu (upper-left) and choose network. Put the info as in the fill to add Binance Smartchain network.

Copy your wallet address from the 3rd figure. The wallet address is using with the 3rd step (This is your own wallet address)

2. Sign up Binance (Skip this step if you already have verify Binance account)

Please visit this link

3. Convert fiat currency to Cryptocurrency

  • Choose P2P in Binance app
  • Choose your desire USDT rate (Remark: Choose higher amount of “TRADES” as it is credible)
  • Input USDT amount you want to purchase
  • Transfer your fiat currency to Seller and wait for them to release the USDT

Once the sellers release USDT, it will go directly to your P2P wallet. To be able to trade/transfer, you need to transfer to SPOT wallet:

To transfer crypto to DEFI world, you need to have BNB as a fee. You need to buy and reserve BNB with BNB/USDT pair. Input your desire amount of USDT.

Transfer BNB to DEFI by navigating to wallet and Withdraw.

In the Address: Input your address from 1) (Metamask wallet)
Network: BEP20 (BSC)
Amount: Your desire amount


4. Swap $ATHENAS Token on PancakeSwap

Open Metamask application, you should have some BNBs from prevous step.

Navigate to the browser and input “”

Connect Metamask wallet with PancakeSwap

Set Slippage to 15%

Buy $ATHENAS by copying contract address below: 0xd6a94c9cc693ae90b97e02b3c0b48414802cb9fb

and input to fill below

Remark 1: Purchase limit not over 100,000 $ATHENAS
Remark 2: Minimum slippage to 13%




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